General Information

  1. Please always check in at the office before going to a classroom. There is a sign in & sign out sheet located at the office.
  2. TVCS is a closed campus. Students will not be allowed to leave the school grounds unless a parent picks them up and signs them out at the office.
  3. Board Meetings: The second Monday of each month at 6:00pm
  4. Dress Code: TVCS does have uniforms
  5. Transportation: Transportation to and from school is a parental responsibility.
  6. Chapel: Every Monday from 9-9:30 the students meet in the church chapel. Parents are always welcome.
  7. Milk Program: TVCS does not have a hot lunch program but we do have milk. The charge for the milk is 25 cents a carton or $5.00 for the month. There will be absolutely no charging of milk.
  8. Warrior Folders: Each Monday Warrior folders will be sent home. In the folder you will find a newsletter & other school papers. Please go through your child’s folder each week. Please sign the back of the folder & return it on Tuesday with your child.
  9. Discipline- follow parent student handbook
  10. If you have grievances take the problem to the teacher then principal then board.
  11. Kindergarten is a full day program Mon-Fri
  12. K4 is half-day (mornings) Mon-Fri