Introduction and Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Fund-development web site and the opportunities for service. We are here to facilitate and assist you in a most personal and confidential manner with your philanthropic objectives for our remarkable school.

The success of Treasure Valley Christian School is seen every day in the lives of the children in our classrooms and computer lab, on the playground, in the gymnasium, at chapel, in their joyful smiles and successful days. For over sixty years that success has been achieved through the commitment, generosity and effort of many individuals like yourself who have given in the past. We appreciate your support and invite you to participate in the Annual Fund of 2014 / 2015.
If you are a first time web visitor, we extend a warm welcome and are grateful for your interest and hopeful that you will decide to contact us with support.

TVCS is the foundation and beacon of a faithful community evolving and adapting service, curriculum, programs, and facilities to meet the breathless rate of change in our modern American culture. Keeping pace is truly not enough for this progressive school. Those we serve each day nurturing and guiding their journeys of faith and learning in the 21st century.
Your gifts ensure that each and every person who hopes in God with us is provided with the best resources necessary to inspire active and engage participation. The Board of Trustees, administration, faculty students and staff recognize and deeply appreciate the many ways in which our donors contribute to the life and bright promising future of our school.
The dedicated community and outstanding reputation that constitute TVCS is not possible without the loyal and rich support of our school parents, church friends, alumni, grandparents, and local businesses.
Principal, Fran Renk

P.S. All gifts to the Annual Fund qualify for a charitable tax deduction. Also, would your
employer match your gift? Ask them!

Ten Reasons to Invest

• The scriptures call us to be generous and cheerful givers.
• Your gift is mission driven and support Christian education.
• Gifts enable students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to attend the school.
• Your gifts ensure that TVCS will be able to continue to academically challenge preschool through 12th grade students from a Christian prospective.
• Your gift helps our school to maintain its mission: “We challenge our students to strive for spiritual maturity and academic excellence in a supportive community that emphasized education from the inside out.”
• Your gift may be designed to a special interest you have.
• Your belief in TVCS and want to support its ministry.
• Many corporations, foundations and outside donors base their support on how the school enriches and improved the community.
• Your gift helps the school maintain its excellent faculty.
• Your gift is tax deductible.

What is the Annul Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearlong process asking all of its constitutions too financially and prayerfully support GCS through an annual appeal. It provides essential monetary support to meet the school’s growing need for financial resources that enhance the quality of the education for each and every student.

Why does Treasure Valley Christian School have an Annual Fund?

To provide an affordable Christian education for children, our school can no longer rely solely on tuition, congregational support and a variety of fundraisers. It must seek other avenues and resources of funding. It helps offset the difference between tuition income and the actual cost of educating each student.

Who supports the Annual Fund?

Alumni, school parents, church members, businesses, grandparents and other friends of the school is invited to support the Annual Fund.

What should I give to the AF?

God has given each one of us gifts, talents and abilities which are to be shared with others. Stewardship is more than occasional acts of charity and service. It is a way of life, a commitment to giving of our time, talent and financial resources in thanksgiving for all the blessings and gifts we have received. We are continuously challenged to make our financial gifts from substance, not our abundance, in proportion to the gifts we have received.

How can I give?

You can make a gift right now by completing the on-line form or you can send a check to the school or use the credit card link payable to Treasure Valley Christian School:

School Address:
Treasure Valley Christian School
386 North Verde Drive Ontario, Oregon 97914

If I make my gift online is that method secure?

We have taken every precaution to protect your information. You can contact the school office if you wish to give through the office.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! TVCS is a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and all gifts made to the school are tax-deductible. Reminder, tuition is not. Gifts can be in the form of a pledge paid over time or by a onetime contribution. Contributions can be made through stock transfers or company matching gifts.

Why is it important for every family to participate in the AF?

Every dollar assists your child (ren) with a stronger educational program. The goal is for all parents to contribute something to show support and appreciation for our dynamic school.

You are invited to join a gift club.

• Kings Club: $3,000 or $300 a month for 10 months
• Duke Club: $1,500 or $150 a month for 10 months
• Earl Club: $1,000 or $100 a month for 10 months
• Knight Club: $ 500 or $ 50 a month for 10 months

What is a typical pledge that a family makes?

Gifts in the $500 to $1,000 range are the most common, but there are some families who give $100 and some who can give $10,000. Any gift is greatly appreciated.

“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” II Cor. 9. We invite families to prayerfully consider and talk together about what amount they can cheerfully give to our AF.

Have you considered an EBT?

An Electronic Bank Transfer – An (EBT) is an option that allows you to faithfully support our school on a monthly basis without writing a check every month. Your bank will automatically transfer the amount you specify each month. You can cancel or change this agreement at any time by calling the school. (We will contact you with more details.)

Whom should I contact with ideas or questions about the AF?


Treasure Valley Baptist Church Of Ontario Or.

Church Office 541 889-3203